Hello everyone, welcome to Lita Ford's Kiss Me Deadly apparel . This is the Beginning of a Clothing line I have Started with my Dear Friends Rob and Cindy Roland.I've had so many compliments over the years, wearing these Beautiful Soft and Sexy Sweaters and Cardigans. or these Rockin Rhinestone Purses that catch your eye from a mile away, I use the Big one on Tour because it holds so much,and comes with an Extra Pouch inside for Makeup, Accessories or even your Laptop Computer. if you just want to Look Cool ,the Fringed Rhinestone Purse is also purfect for just about anything. Also Rock 'n' Roll Jewelry for Men with Wicked Skull's. the Rhinestone Earrings for Women, they can't help but catch your Eye, Anyone can wear this Apparel, from a 12 year old to a Soccer Mom,! a lot of People tell me I wish I could Dress like Lita! or where can I get your Clothes Lita! Well, now Anyone can, as we just have Launched this Rocking Clothing line. Enjoy! Lita. XO